Apple Varieties

Ginger Gold


Aug -Oct

A Golden Delicious type that ripens early. Sweet and tart crunchy texture.
Firm, medium-sized apple. Excellent for eating or baking. Dad says it makes the best pies.


 Available   Mid Aug - Dec

Ripens second week of August.  It is small to medium in size. It has a red blush over a yellow background. It has a sweet-tart flavor with a crunchy flesh.  It is one of our favorite eating apples.


Available  Mid Aug early Oct

It tends to be yellowish with orange-red blush. It is a slightly tart apple and its creamy yellow flesh is crisp and juicy. It is excellent for making apple sauce or apple butter.



Available  Mid Aug - Dec

It is light green to golden-yellow with a mildly sweet firm flesh. This is our most popular seller because of its wide range of use. A favorite for eating or cooking.



Available  Sept - Dec

This sweet, crispy, juicy apple varies in color from striped red to solid midnight red.
Winesap A Winesap Apple

Available  Sept - Dec

Good for eating fresh and for cooking since it has firm and crisp flesh and mildly sweet tart flavor.  We use it in our cider to give it a more rich apple flavor.



Available  Late Sept - Dec

By letting ours ripen on the tree longer, they have a mildly tart rich flavor.  A medium to large apple that is light green in color sometimes having a small red blush. This is truly an all purpose apple that is good in applesauce, apple juice, pies or eaten fresh.


Rome Apple

Available  Late Sept - Dec

Excellent baking apple.  Medium texture with a sweet flavor.


Available  Late Sept - Dec

If you like a sweet apple this is the one for you.  Originally developed in Japan.  It has a sweet crisp flesh. Poor in appearance but rich in flavor. In other words it tastes better than it looks. Keeps good in storage.
Goldrush Image of Gold Rush apple

Available  Late Sept - Dec

Ripening the last week in September , Goldrush is one of our favorite apples. It has a unique rich spicy flavor with a very firm texture. These apples hold up very well in storage. Very juicy apple, excellent for eating, drying, and baking.

  Available  Oct - Dec

This is Alan's favorite apple.  A very juicy apple, good for everything from throwing to eating.  Try it ! I'll know you'll like it.


Available  Late Oct - Dec

Don't throw these at anybody. They hurt!  They are a small to medium apple with a very hard semi sweet texture.

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