Peach Varieties


Available mid June

An early ripening, cling peach of medium size. A good peach to pickle or eat. .


Available mid to late June

One of the best tasting cling peaches.

Garnet Beauty

Available mid to late June

A high quality firm semi-cling peach. It has an excellent flavor.


Red Haven

Available early July

Freestone Peach.   It has a tendency to stick to the pit if not fully mature. A good flavored peach.


 Available in July

Freestone peach.  Excellent canning or freezing peach. Non-browning. Very sweet and juicy.




Available mid July.

Yellow open stone peach with an excellent flavor.  Good for canning or eating.

Carolina Bell

Available mid to late July.


White, freestone peach. Excellent for canning, freezing or eating.  Similar in flavor to a Georgia Bell.

White Lady


Available mid to late July.

White, freestone peach.  Mildly sweet flavor with a firm texture.

Available mid to late July

Excellent freezing or canning peach.  Very sweet and juicy. Non-browning.  Betty's favorite for canning.
Red Gold Nectarines  

Available in July

Sweet and juicy. Deep yellow flesh. Excellent for eating. No fuzz to worry with.
China Pearl  

Available in July

White freestone peach, with an excellent flavor.
Summer Pearl          Available in Aug White freestone peach.  It's good too.

Crest Haven

Available in Aug

Freestone Peach. Very good flavor juicy and firm.

We have more varieties

    When I figure out what they are I'll post them on the web site.

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